Energizing Communities

Supporting Petite Martinique R. C. School

At Sol, we are committed to energizing our communities and we are proud to support the advancement of education! We recently partnered with Cooling Tech to install a brand-new air conditioning unit, supplied by Sol in the computer lab of the Petite Martinique R. C. School in Grenada. We officially handed over the unit at the school’s graduation ceremony among well-wishers including a representative from the Ministry of Education, Principal Reuben Patrice, local priest, Fr. Andrews and Collin Francis, Sol’s General Manager.
Congratulations once again to Petite Martinique’s class of 2021!
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Powering Journeys

Supporting Flavors of Grenada Culinary Training Camp 

We at Sol have a passion for powering journeys, and so we recently joined forces with Flavors of Grenada to host a five (5) week culinary training camp for teenagers! To top off the experience, our campers coordinated a farm to table dinner in the grand dining room at the Tower Estate in St. Paul’s. Through this exciting culinary initiative, we were able to encourage young upcoming chefs and service personnel, build awareness of Grenada’s growing Hospitality Industry and educate Grenadians more about accessing, growing and preparing their own seasonal healthy foods and drinks. We are proud to have supported this initiative through a monetary contribution and the provision of Sol Gas for food preparation. A job well done to our campers; we cannot wait to see where this journey takes you!
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Sol Gives Back through the donation of fuel to the BDF

Sol (Barbados) Ltd. (Sol) stands by its commitment to the community in which we operate, especially during these unprecedented times. As such, Sol has partnered with the Barbados Defence Force by donating 11,000 litres of fuel (with a retail value of over BBD $28,000.00) in our continued efforts to fulfil our mandate to be a true friend of the community and to be a good corporate citizen in the environments where we all live, work and play, and this is especially true amidst COVID-19.

The Barbados Defence Force (BDF) has been facilitating the distribution of care packages to vulnerable households as part of the Government’s COVID-19 Relief Programme. Sol has provided fuel to assist in this endeavour.

In response to the donation, Chief of Staff, Colonel Glyne Grannum had this to say,

For many years, Sol Petroleum (Barbados) SRL has been one of the Barbados Defence Force’s (BDF) foremost strategic partners. Loyal to their mission, values and promise in the fuel industry, the Sol Group has continuously contributed to the BDF’s mobility on land and at sea. During our fight against the unseen enemy, COVID-19, Sol understood and demonstrated their ability to be a team player and in the true sense of nationhood, made a considerable donation to augment the BDFs capabilities.  As I continue to lead the Force, I am truly comforted to know that in the face of many unknowns, the BDF has the necessary partners and corporate support to be effective”.

Mr. Roger Barrow, General Manager of Sol Barbados reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the region, “We take our corporate responsibility seriously and are mindful of the vital role that our products and services play in ’Powering Journeys and Energizing Communities’ in which we operate. This is just our way of showing that we care and we will continue to support those organizations helping others when we can.”

Sol, the leading supplier of petroleum-based products and energy solutions in the region has championed various initiatives to provide contributions of over BBD$700,000 regionally towards supporting essential workers and charitable food bank organizations responding to these challenging times. We remain committed to further supporting our community, guided by our social investment pillars, education, sports, environment, and charities.

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Sol Celebrates an Amazing Representation of Diversity and Inclusion, Black History Month

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Sol is proud to embrace the cultural tapestry and diversity of the Caribbean – a region which we are proud to call our home. We are convinced, as an organization, that there is more that unites us than that which separates us.

For the entire month of February, Sol has celebrated Black History Month with our employees through a range of initiatives, including online webcasts, weekly bulletins, roundtable discussions and virtual competitions – all centered around Black history and culture. We have provided our team with opportunities to listen, discuss, share and learn from each other and we have challenged ourselves to come up with fresh ideas and new perspectives to help ensure that we maintain our focus and our commitment to diversity and inclusion. While we have taken the opportunity to celebrate Black History Month with the rest of the world, we believe that our team members should benefit from our commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout the year.

We are diverse. We are inclusive. We are Sol[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_single_image image=”15891″][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Sol Gives Back through its ‘One Community, One Goal’ Initiative

Sol Gives Back through its ‘One Community, One Goal’ Initiative
Supporting Charitable Food Banks and Charitable Organizations Across the Region
Sol Caribbean Ltd. – Sol stands by its commitment to the community in which we operate, especially during this unprecedented time. As such, Sol has reached out to various food bank organizations in the community across the region who have been instrumental in helping the more vulnerable families and individuals weather the COVID-19 pandemic, through the provision of food items. At Sol it is a part of our mandate to be a true friend of the community and to be a good corporate citizen in the environments where we all live, work and play.
We have championed various initiatives to support our communities during COVID-19, with contributions of over US$350,000 towards supporting essential workers and charitable food bank organizations.

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A Nuestros Héroes

Sol les agradece a ustedes, nuestros héroes de la salud, por levantarse todos los días a proporcionar apoyo y atención médica a nuestras comunidades.

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Stay safe with Sol Gas

As we all spend more time in the kitchen, here are some safety guidelines that will keep you and your family safe when cooking with Sol Gas. For further information, please contact your local Sol office.

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Corporate Statement – COVID-19


The Sol Group, At Sol we are committed to the health and safety of our team members, customers and the community as a top priority. As we focus on maintaining a continued, healthy work environment, we have taken extensive preventative measures to protect our staff and their families from exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), to ensure that we continue to provide our products and services safely to our customers.
Our team members have been provided with the relevant information from public health organisations such as, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organisation, and other local and external government agencies. They have been urged to protect themselves by exercising good hygiene practices at work and home while we have increased sanitisation practices in our offices, depots, locations with direct customer contact, and our truck fleet. We have also implemented an employee ‘air travel ban’; facilitated a home-based work structure where appropriate, introduced mandatory self-isolation where appropriate, and implemented protocols for employees who are unwell or may be at increased risk. Additionally, we have provided guidance on increased sanitation practices in high-touch areas such as the fuel pumps nozzles, payment keypads, door handles and counters.
We take our corporate responsibility seriously and are mindful of the vital role of our products and services in the communities in which we operate. We will continue to monitor this situation closely, maintain and promote preventative measures, and work closely with our suppliers, customers and official authorities to ensure that we continue to supply and serve our customers. We also encourage our teams, our customers and stakeholders to join together in this time to support and be empathetic toward one another.
We greatly appreciate the trust placed in us as your partner of choice.


Chez Sol, nous nous engageons à faire de la santé et de la sécurité des membres de nos équipes, de nos clients et de la communauté, une priorité absolue. Alors que nous nous concentrons sur le maintien d’un environnement de travail sain et continu, nous avons pris d’importantes mesures préventives pour protéger notre personnel et leurs familles, contre l’exposition au coronavirus (COVID-19), afin de continuer à fournir en toute sécurité, nos produits et services à nos les clients.
Les membres de notre équipe ont reçu les informations importantes d’organisations de santé publique telles que l’Agence Régionale de Santé ( ARS), l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé ( OMS) et du gouvernement et instances locales. Ils ont été exhortés à se protéger en appliquant de bonnes pratiques d’hygiène au travail et à la maison tandis que nous avons augmenté les pratiques de désinfection dans nos bureaux et sites avec contact direct avec les clients ainsi que notre flotte de camions. Nous avons également mis en place des restrictions de déplacement ; facilité une structure de travail à domicile,  le cas échéant, mis en œuvre des protocoles pour les employés non éligible au télétravail. De plus, nous avons transmis des consignes de précautions accrues dans les zones à contact élevé telles que les buses des pompes à carburant, les claviers de paiement, les poignées de porte et les comptoirs.
Nous prenons notre responsabilité d’entreprise au sérieux et sommes conscients du rôle vital de nos produits et services dans les communautés dans lesquelles nous opérons. Nous continuerons à surveiller cette situation de près, à maintenir et à promouvoir des mesures préventives, et à travailler en étroite collaboration avec nos fournisseurs, clients et autorités officielles pour assurer la continuité du service auprès de nos clients. Nous encourageons également nos équipes, nos clients et nos fournisseur à se soutenir en faisant preuve d’empathie les uns envers les autres durant cette période.
Nous apprécions grandement la confiance que vous placez en nous en tant que partenaire de choix.


El Grupo Sol, En Sol estamos comprometidos con la salud y la seguridad de los miembros de nuestro equipo, los clientes y la comunidad como nuestra principal prioridad. A medida que nos enfocamos en mantener un ambiente laboral continuo y saludable, hemos tomado amplias medidas preventivas para proteger a nuestro personal y sus familias de la exposición al Coronavirus (COVID-19), para garantizar que sigamos brindando nuestros productos y servicios de manera segura a nuestros clientes.
Los miembros de nuestro equipo recibieron información relevante de organizaciones de salud pública como el Centro para el Control de Enfermedades (CDC), la Organización Mundial de la Salud y otras agencias gubernamentales locales y externas. Se les instó a protegerse mediante el ejercicio de buenas prácticas de higiene en el trabajo y el hogar, mientras que hemos aumentado las prácticas de desinfección en nuestras oficinas, depósitos, áreas con contacto directo con clientes y nuestra flota de camiones. También hemos implementado una “prohibición de viajes aéreos” de los empleados; se facilitó una estructura de trabajo en el hogar en los casos que sea viable, introdujo el autoaislamiento obligatorio cuando sea apropiado e implementó protocolos para los empleados que no se encuentran bien o pueden estar en mayor riesgo. Además, hemos brindado orientación sobre el aumento de las prácticas de saneamiento en áreas de alto contacto, como los pisteros de las bombas de combustible, los teclados de pago, las manijas de las puertas y los mostradores.
Tomamos en serio nuestra responsabilidad corporativa y somos conscientes del papel vital de nuestros productos y servicios en las comunidades en las que operamos. Continuaremos monitoreando esta situación de cerca, mantendremos y promoveremos medidas preventivas, y trabajaremos de cerca con nuestros proveedores, clientes y autoridades oficiales para asegurarnos de que continuamos suministrando y sirviendo a nuestros clientes. Exhortamos a nuestros equipos, nuestros clientes y partes interesadas a unirse en este momento para apoyarse y ser empáticos el uno con el otro.
Apreciamos enormemente la confianza depositada en Sol.

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