Sol began as an inspired idea – to create a world-class, energy company managed and operated by a highly motivated and dedicated Caribbean-based team. Our main goal is to power the region with reliable and safe solutions. The world was first introduced to the Sol brand in 2005, when the company was born and the Sol logo was unveiled. Sol (the Spanish word for sun) embodies the spirit of the Caribbean region. Our name and our sunburst logo are direct representations of our team’s energy and commitment to being a central element of all aspects of life in the Caribbean. The Sol visual brand reflects the vibrancy of the Caribbean; our prominent orange and blue colour palette were designed to personify the warm hues of the Caribbean landscape.

“A family grows”

In 2005, Sol acquired Shell’s assets in the Eastern Caribbean, Guyana, Suriname and Belize. As a licensee of the Shell brand, Sol distributed Shell products and services to customers in the countries in which we operated. Since then, Sol has fuelled its growth through a series of further purchases of Shell’s shares and assets as well as the purchase of assets owned by Exxon and Rubis.

“Proudly Sol”

In 2009, Sol made a bold, strategic decision to step into the spotlight and officially introduce its retail brand to the Caribbean. Sol unveiled its first Sol-branded service station in Haiti before moving on to Anguilla, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and the British Virgin Islands a year later, when more Sol-branded service stations and convenience stores were unveiled.

“A legacy continues”

Our family continues to grow as we expand our reach to better serve the region. Since the introduction of the Caribbean’s first Sol-branded service station, The Sol Group has grown to an extensive family of a network of about 500 service stations, 14 aviation facilities, 24 marinas, and 32 import terminals across the region. No matter how large our family grows, Sol is committed to its pioneering vision – powering the region through passionate people and innovative partnerships.







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