Sol Guyana host Stakeholders

In April, Sol Guyana reintroduced itself to its customers and the general public as a new, energized team with a renewed vision, ready to fuel tremendous growth in the local petroleum industry.
The annual Stakeholders’ Appreciation event allowed the Sol Guyana staff to build rapport with customers in a more informal, celebratory setting. Representatives from The Sol Group of companies, Government of Guyana. Public and Private Sectors were all in attendance. The evening consisted of inspiring speeches, light entertainment, and of course, much laughter. At the end of the event, each attendee received a token of appreciation and many vowed to continually support the Sol brand.

Guyana Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman delivering his remarks

General Manager, Liz Wyatt with some smiling faces of Sol Guyana

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Rose PG Visits Barbados

On November 15, the Corporate Supply team toured the Rose PG—a new oil tanker which recently passed through Barbados. The Rose PG will be picking up product and shuttling it around the Caribbean to its various drop points. The vessel, which is the latest in vessel architecture and technology, was welcomed to Barbados by the Corporate Sol Supply team, who presented the crew with cake, gifts and other Sol-branded memorabilia. The Sol Supply team was then treated to a tour of the vessel by Captain Jakub Kujawski.
This new relationship with the Rose PG demonstrates Sol’s long-term commitment to the logistics of energy supply in the Caribbean. Presently, Sol has the most extensive supply network in the Caribbean, covering product supply from the US Gulf to South America.

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