Lubricants Team Attends Linden Trade Fair

The Linden Trade and Investment Fair, an annual event held as part of the Linden Town Week, gives both small and large-scale businesses an opportunity to display their products and services. Over the three-day event, the Shell Lubricants team in Guyana was able to engage with students and other interested persons involved in mining, manufacturing, logging and farming.
The team shared information on product specifications, usage and benefits with those present at the fair. Sol Guyana was commended by the Senior Vice President of the Linden Chambers of Commerce, Lyndon Younge for its commitment to Guyana’s development, and especially the mining town of Linden. There was also much fanfare at the Shell Lubricants booth thanks to the Shell Helix Ultra ‘Spot the Bottle’ campaign, which was named as one of the highlights of the team’s presentation.

Mayor of Linden, Mrs. Waneka Arindell with the Shell Lubricants team

Sol Guyana team sharing some information with His Excellency President David Granger at the Shell Lubricants booth

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Sol Guyana host Stakeholders

In April, Sol Guyana reintroduced itself to its customers and the general public as a new, energized team with a renewed vision, ready to fuel tremendous growth in the local petroleum industry.
The annual Stakeholders’ Appreciation event allowed the Sol Guyana staff to build rapport with customers in a more informal, celebratory setting. Representatives from The Sol Group of companies, Government of Guyana. Public and Private Sectors were all in attendance. The evening consisted of inspiring speeches, light entertainment, and of course, much laughter. At the end of the event, each attendee received a token of appreciation and many vowed to continually support the Sol brand.

Guyana Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman delivering his remarks

General Manager, Liz Wyatt with some smiling faces of Sol Guyana

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Sol Jamaica Celebrates Children's Day

United Nations Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954 and is celebrated on November 20 to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.On November 20, 2017, in celebration of Universal Children’s Day, Sol Jamaica’s representatives taught a class on Lubrication to the Auto Club students of Jonathan Grant High School.
The topics included:
• Safety Moment: Personal Safety during the Holidays
• Basics of Lubricants
• Shell Helix (Gasoline Engine Oils)
• Shell Rimula (Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils
• Shell Spirax (Gear, Axle & Transmission Oils)
• Marketing – Reasons to believe in our brands
All the Auto Club students, School principal and class teachers were presented with tokens from Sol. These tokens were very well received and the Principal of Jonathan Grant High School expressed his appreciation for the continued support from Sol Petroleum Jamaica.

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Sol Guyana at Berbice Expo & Trade Fair

As part of its annual calendar of activities, the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce, hosted the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair at the Albion Sports Complex, Corentyne under the theme “Promoting Entrepreneurship for a Diversified Economy”. The expo was held October 6-9, 2017 and has been dubbed the single largest event in the Berbice region that allows for both large and small businesses to gain exposure through sales and promotions.
Sol Guyana took the opportunity to participate by sending a team of representatives who showcased, promoted and marketed the Sol Gas and Shell Lubricants brands. The team was able to vigorously gain new customers and recommit existing customers by using exciting games, prizes, safety tips and special sales discounts. The Sol Guyana team saw high booth traffic as well as overwhelming sales on all products offered, making this event a huge success.

Patrons of the Berbice Expo learning about Shell Lubricants

Satisfied Sol Gas Customers

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Shell Lubricants Roadshow in Essequibo

Shell Lubricants took to the streets of Essequibo on July 28 2017 to host an unprecedented “Shell Lubricants Roadshow”. This event was geared at sensitizing the Essequibo populace of the range of Shell Lubricant products that are available to them. It specifically targeted Informal miners, Rice Farmers, PCMO operators and Outboard Engine operators.

The Shell Lubricants Roadshow was held at the G&P Jaigobin Supermarket in the heart of the central area in Essequibo, Anna Regina. The Roadshow saw in excess of 100 persons (Adults and Children) passing through to learn about some of the technology behind the various Shell Lubricant products available. Residents of Essequibo were also able to understand the principle of viscosity by demonstrations done on the Viscosity Demo tool. Presentations were also done demonstrating how to access Shell “Lubematch” to find the right Shell lubricants for their machinery. Both adults and children participated in a variety of exciting games and activities to win Shell branded prizes.

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Sol St. Kitts Hosts Lubricants Training

Sol St. Kitts staged a series of Shell Lubricants influencer trainings in September. A number of customers representing the power generation, transport, marine, commercial, retail and high street segments attended the training sessions, which were facilitated by Lubrication Specialist Douglas McClean. The local team also journeyed to the technical college to train the students enrolled in the mechanic programme.

The sessions focused on the basics of lubrications, the Shell product formulation and the benefits of using the many lubricants that Shell has available to meet their lubrication needs.

After interviewing a number of the participants, it was clear that the training was beneficial to everyone and customers are looking forward to more of these sessions. At the end of the training, everyone received a certificate of participation and a gift.

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