Shell Lubricants took to the streets of Essequibo on July 28 2017 to host an unprecedented “Shell Lubricants Roadshow”. This event was geared at sensitizing the Essequibo populace of the range of Shell Lubricant products that are available to them. It specifically targeted Informal miners, Rice Farmers, PCMO operators and Outboard Engine operators.

The Shell Lubricants Roadshow was held at the G&P Jaigobin Supermarket in the heart of the central area in Essequibo, Anna Regina. The Roadshow saw in excess of 100 persons (Adults and Children) passing through to learn about some of the technology behind the various Shell Lubricant products available. Residents of Essequibo were also able to understand the principle of viscosity by demonstrations done on the Viscosity Demo tool. Presentations were also done demonstrating how to access Shell “Lubematch” to find the right Shell lubricants for their machinery. Both adults and children participated in a variety of exciting games and activities to win Shell branded prizes.