The Corporate Operations team began the year in full blast at the Paragon Base in Barbados. That location, typically known for military training, was the paintball turf for two teams, Commandos versus Five O. It was a cool Saturday afternoon on January 13th with very light cloud cover and a large obstacle course which included man-made and natural obstacles creating a lifelike war zone, ideal for the department’s first team building exercise in 2018.
There was no limit to the skill set of those in attendance; from procurement, to engineering, safety and even management to those with formal military experience. This experience however, was not enough to topple a series of planned games by the paintball organisers. Games included Capture the Flag, Hostile Takeover and Target Shooting; all team dependent but, some persons were more targeted than others. Regardless, it was certainly a fun and successful team event, where some walked away with more battle wounds than others. After paintball, the evening transitioned into a departmental lime with more fun and laughs bringing a great conclusion to the first team
building activity for 2018.