Lisa Riley and Maureen Pollard now have something in common; these women are the proud winners of the recently concluded ’Win With Sol Gas’ promotion held in Barbados. They each received a year’s supply of premium 100lb Sol cooking gas compliments of Sol, the leading supplier of energy products in the Caribbean.
Sales and Marketing Manager, Gina Cummins, and Sales Executive, Karen Bishop-McClean, both of Sol Barbados Ltd., presented the winners with their prizes on November 25, 2015.
The recently concluded ‘Win With Sol Gas’ promotion encouraged liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) users to call Sol’s customer service number, between September 21 and November 6, to order their new 100lb cylinders and be automatically entered in the competition.
Sales and Marketing Manager, Gina Cummins, conveyed the company’s heartfelt congratulations to the winners of the ’Win With Sol Gas’ promotion. She said the promotion was a demonstration of Sol’s dedication to its faithful customers across Barbados, and is pleased the promotion was a success.
“We are delighted that the ‘Win With Sol Gas’ promotion was well received by our LPG customers. The promotion was designed to not only reward our customers for choosing Sol as their preferred LPG provider; but also to interact with our customers and ensure that they are educated on the safety measures they should practice when using and storing LPG cylinders,” said Cummins.

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