United Nations Universal Children’s Day was established in 1954 and is celebrated on November 20 to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.On November 20, 2017, in celebration of Universal Children’s Day, Sol Jamaica’s representatives taught a class on Lubrication to the Auto Club students of Jonathan Grant High School.
The topics included:
• Safety Moment: Personal Safety during the Holidays
• Basics of Lubricants
• Shell Helix (Gasoline Engine Oils)
• Shell Rimula (Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils
• Shell Spirax (Gear, Axle & Transmission Oils)
• Marketing – Reasons to believe in our brands
All the Auto Club students, School principal and class teachers were presented with tokens from Sol. These tokens were very well received and the Principal of Jonathan Grant High School expressed his appreciation for the continued support from Sol Petroleum Jamaica.

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