Sol Gas visits Linden, Guyana

The initiative to have a Sol Gas cylinder in every household in Guyana took the local Sol team to the mining town of Linden for two days. Residents were excited and welcoming as they had the opportunity to purchase a cylinder filled with Sol Gas and fittings for a reduced price. The Sol Gas truck was well surrounded by patrons who wanted to make sure they got to make at least one purchase. This activity gave Linden residents the chance to now own a gas cylinder and become a Sol customer. The promotion was considered a huge success, as many were inquiring of return dates and retail outlets.

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Sol Guyana at Berbice Expo & Trade Fair

As part of its annual calendar of activities, the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce, hosted the Berbice Expo and Trade Fair at the Albion Sports Complex, Corentyne under the theme “Promoting Entrepreneurship for a Diversified Economy”. The expo was held October 6-9, 2017 and has been dubbed the single largest event in the Berbice region that allows for both large and small businesses to gain exposure through sales and promotions.
Sol Guyana took the opportunity to participate by sending a team of representatives who showcased, promoted and marketed the Sol Gas and Shell Lubricants brands. The team was able to vigorously gain new customers and recommit existing customers by using exciting games, prizes, safety tips and special sales discounts. The Sol Guyana team saw high booth traffic as well as overwhelming sales on all products offered, making this event a huge success.

Patrons of the Berbice Expo learning about Shell Lubricants

Satisfied Sol Gas Customers

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