OfReg and Sol Joint Statement

The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) and Sol Petroleum Cayman Limited (Sol) issue the following joint statement in relation to the fuel tank fire which occurred at the Jackson Point Terminal on the 23rd of July 2017 (Incident).
Following an exhaustive investigation, OfReg and Sol would like to inform the public that agreement has been reached in relation to the imposition of an appropriate Administrative Fine by OfReg to be paid by Sol in relation to the Incident. This Administrative Fine, in the sum of CI$200,000 (plus costs of CI$86,700 for the investigation), is intended to reflect the potentially serious nature of the Incident and the concerns raised in the community, but also recognise Sol’s history in the Cayman Islands as a good corporate citizen, noting, in particular, Sol’s transparency and full cooperation with the investigation, acceptance of responsibility and good health and safety record prior to the Incident.
OfReg and Sol are satisfied that they have established and identified the circumstances and contributing factors leading to the Incident and wish to reassure the public of the Cayman Islands, that where applicable, lessons have been learnt, shortcomings addressed and measures put in place to guard against any possibility of a repetition of the Incident in the future, including an agreement that there shall not be any welding conducted on in-service fuel storage tanks.

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Sol committed to South Church Community

Sol is an integral member of the South Church Street and wider Cayman community, with which it has grown over the past fifty-seven (57) years. Sol sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused by the Jackson Point incident and the displacement of its immediate neighbours.
During the incident, some residents of the South Church Street area were unable to return to their homes due to evacuation orders issued by Police and Fire Services and had to seek alternative lodging. Sol strives to be a good neighbor and support the communities within which it operates. As part of its commitment to the community, Sol confirms that it will compensate residents, on an ex-gratia basis, for direct out of pocket expenses related to alternative accommodation incurred by residents who were not allowed to return to their homes on the evening of July 23rd. Sol is asking that affected residents submit their reimbursement claims to the company’s main office. The claim should include a copy of the invoice detailing the cost of the alternate accommodation for July 23. Residents are also asked to submit a utility bill or other proof of address showing that they reside in the affected area.
Sol reiterates its gratitude to the Emergency Response Teams and to the community and its neighbours for their patience and understanding and remains committed to the safety of its community and the Cayman Islands.
The contact details of Sol’s Special Support Team number are:
512 South Church Street
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
1 (345) 949-8373 phone
1 (345) 949-7224 fax

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Jackson Point Terminal Incident Update

SOL PETROLEUM CAYMAN LIMITED (Sol) would like to update the public in regard to its previous confirmation of a fire that occurred on an upper internal support ring, on a diesel tank at the Jackson Point Terminal. The incident was reported at approximately 4.45 pm on 23 July 2017 and was effectively contained by the Emergency Response Teams with the “all clear” issued at 2.45 AM on July 24, 2017. The fire had no direct contact with the product in the tank which was at a much lower level. Sol and the Royal Cayman Islands Fire Service responded promptly to confine the incident which prevented its further escalation.
There was no damage to the Terminal and surrounding areas. The area was evacuated as a precautionary measure and the access to South Church Street was closed, both in line with the emergency response plan and with the collaboration of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. Sol’s focus and commitment is to the safety of its employees, contractors and the community, as such, the terminal resumed normal delivery operations on Monday morning, only after safety checks and inspections were completed.
“We realize that this incident has caused anxiety within our community and our immediate neighbours. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused related to this incident and remain committed to the safety of our community, employees and contractors. We want to reassure the Cayman community that there is no disruption to fuel supplies, and deliveries are being made to our customers as normal”, said Alan Neesome, General Manager.
Sol has completed the initial stage of the investigation, which is not conclusive because this process requires an internal physical inspection of the tank which must be fully emptied and ventilated before it can be safely entered; such processes may take several weeks to schedule and execute. The tank is in a safe condition and effectively quarantined. Sol will continue to work closely with the Government Inspectors and agencies industry professionals to determine the root cause of the incident and will share the investigation findings as they become available.
The company has been part of the Grand Cayman and South Church Street community since 1960 when the terminal was first constructed. Since then, Sol has not experienced a Lost Time Incident since February 1994, which means no Sol employee or contractor has missed a minute of work due to a workplace incident since 1994. To achieve this record Sol maintains a robust Health, Safety and Environment policy with an established “Goal Zero” program, meaning zero incidents and no harm to people. Sol promotes a culture in which all Sol employees and contractors share this commitment through on-going industry training and continuous learning. This commitment is proven as our track record in safety is without a major incident of this nature.
Sol sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused by this incident and commits to reviewing its safety work procedures with employees and contractors to ensure that an incident such as this does not recur.
For any questions, concerns or further information regarding the situation, please access www.solpetroleum.com/jacksonpoint. Sol will publish updates as the information becomes available.

The Sol Group of companies operates in 22 countries across the Eastern Caribbean, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cayman, Belize, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Sol supplies fuels, lubricants, bitumen and LPG through an extensive service station network, with marine, aviation and commercial operations in the Caribbean. For more information, visit www.solpetroleum.com

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