To get 2017- 2018 FY going on the right track, Sol EC Ltd hosted four-2 ½ hours Sol Excellence Customer Service Training sessions for all its Customer Service Attendants (CSAs) across the network from 24th – 25th May 2017. The training was hosted at our newly refurbished Cul De Sac office. Many of the CSAs were new to the petroleum industry and were ecstatic to be part of the Sol team.  Each participant was given the task of introducing someone they met for the first time and was awarded prizes at the end of the training session for remembering one thing about the individual they introduced.     The main focus of the training was geared at teaching CSAs the Sol Service Steps, Sol Uniform, how customers should be treated and best safety practices on the forecourt. To close off each session participants were presented with a certificate of participation by the General Manager Mr Lawrence McNaughton.  The St. Lucia team will continue to monitor via regular site visits and audits to ensure the training is absorbed and is being practiced.