The Caribbean’s premier provider of energy solutions

At Sol, we are committed to offering quality products and excellent energy solutions to our customers and this commitment extends to regional priorities. Investing in the developmental goals of the countries where we operate is important to us and we have taken particular interest in contributing to long-term projects which are linked to energy, environment, education and sports. We also support non-profit organisations and work with industry partners to invest in initiatives which are able to benefit the region positively.

Energy is our business and our customers are our priority. The team at Sol is passionate and determined to lead the way in providing the best in energy solutions for your everyday needs.

Brand Story

Our brand story began in 2005 when we first acquired Shell’s assets in the Eastern Caribbean, Guyana, Suriname and Belize. Through the purchase of Shell’s assets, we became a licensee of the Shell brand, which meant that all across the region Sol was the authorised distributor of Shell products and services to customers. Since then through the further purchase of assets owned by both Shell and Esso, Sol now manages a robust portfolio.

In 2009, the team at Sol made a strategic decision to solidify its presence across the Caribbean. Sol unveiled its first Sol Service Station in Haiti before moving on …