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Shell and Pennzoil reaffirm their commitment

Sol Puerto Rico team, recently completed some training sessions with Shell and Pennzoil leading the effort. A team formed by a scientific and a technical expert from Shell-Pennzoil and Sol offered educational workshops guided to commercial and retail clients, service station employee teams and multi-segment groups in the industry. The workshops presented information about cutting-edge technological advances, the emerging needs in our market and how our products are formulated with specific quality control in order to present the best products of their respective segments.

Specialized teams from Shell-Pennzoil and Sol explained how advanced and world-class technology applies to each type of vehicle. The sessions focused in fuels were presented by Dr. Sarina Arnold, Shell’s Scientific and Technical Lead for the implementation of fuel products and technical services at the Shell Technology Center in Houston, Texas. Representing the lubricants segment, Technician of Automotive Mechanics and Certified Instructor, Daniel Rodr√≠guez, served as a resource for the technical content.

This workshops gave the chance to learn on firsthand about Shell-Pennzoil’s most innovative product technologies, both world-class products, serving the industry and vehicles of Puerto Rican consumers for more than 10 years ago.