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Sol Bermuda Launches Shell and Pennzoil World Class Lubricants 

Members of Sol’s local and regional team at the official launch of Shell and Pennzoil lubricants in Bermuda
A selection of Pennzoil products on display.
This guest (left) was the lucky recipient of one of several Pennzoil gift baskets presented by Jo-Ell DeRosa of Sol Bermuda
Guests in discussion here with Loncey Earle, Sol Frontline Technical Support
Customers in Bermuda can now choose from an extensive and high-quality array of Shell and Pennzoil lubricants now available in Bermuda from Sol Petroleum Bermuda Limited, a fulfillment of the company’s commitment to delivering world-class products and services.
This follows an official launch held last week at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, Pomander Road, Paget, where representatives of service stations, car dealerships, auto part stores, marine and transport related entities, gathered to welcome the Shell and Pennzoil lubricant portfolios to Bermuda.
The newly launched range of Shell and Pennzoil lubricants includes several of the much sought after high-performance products available from the world’s number one lubricants supplier, designed to deliver an exciting range of key benefits which meet the needs of modern engines and transmissions including optimum engine performance, protection, and fuel efficiency.
General Manager of Sol Petroleum Bermuda Ltd, Jonathan Brewin, welcomed guests to the keenly anticipated launch, noting the occasion was a fulfillment of a promise made to customers when Sol launched its Bermuda business in 2014, following acquisition of the Esso operations in the country.
“This launch today is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to customers, and we pledge to continue building on that promise by consistently delivering not only excellent products, but superior service as well. We are proud of our continued association with the world’s leading supplier of high quality motor oils, and we intend to support our customers by ensuring that they can make informed choices of the best lubricants available for their particular vehicle application,” Brewin said.
The event also coincided with celebrations for the 10th anniversary of Sol in the region. Sol has developed into the Caribbean’s largest petroleum marketing company, spanning 23 countries across the Eastern and Western Caribbean, Central & South America.
“You have the support of a company which has made significant strides in building a safe, sound, and viable regional business, that continues to grow. Not only has our geographical footprint grown, but so has our influence – and hence our responsibility,” Brewin said.
Following the address from the General Manager, customers were treated to a thorough and enlightening presentation on the Shell and Pennzoil lubricants portfolio delivered by Loncey Earle, Frontline Technical Support and Marketing Implementer, Karoline Smith.
Smith said customers in Bermuda stood to reap significant benefits from the advanced line of Shell and Pennzoil lubricants, and invited motorists, motorcyclists, and industry operators to try the products available Island-wide at Sol Petroleum Bermuda Limited, the company’s service stations and authorised resellers. The presentation highlighted the range of positive attributes through which Shell lubricants delivers real value to customers. It also included an update on the Patented Pennzoil PurePlus technology, Shell’s leading-edge gas-to-liquid technology process that converts natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil.
Also as part of its Launch activities, Sol Petroleum Bermuda hosted Lubricants Training sessions where interested persons could learn more about the features and benefits of the lubricants as well as engage the technical experts on a first-hand basis.
Delighted Bermudan customers now have access to a versatile array of lubricants. Commercial customers seeking superior protection for transmission components, gears  and chassis applications will have access to Shell’s Spirax synthetic gear oil; a range of Tellus hydraulic oils and Gadus greases respectively. In the Pennzoil range customers will have a wide variety of choices including the Pennzoil HMV (High Mileage Vehicle), Long Life Gold and Platinum Fully Synthetic products.
Drivers are reminded to use the viscosity grade recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), bearing in mind that according to the manufacturer specifications and age, each engine has specific requirements for operation in optimal conditions.
Shell and Pennzoil Lubricants are distributed in Bermuda by Sol Petroleum Bermuda Ltd. Sol uses the Shell brand under license across its service station network and is the largest distributor of Shell lubricants in the region. This offer is fully backed by Shell's world-class technical expertise.

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