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Former Petroleum Head Mark Fields Retires After Successful Tenure 

Mark Fields (Left) with Jo-Ell DeRosa from Sol Bermuda and Roger Bryan, Sol Regional Manager (Western Caribbean)

After a successful career journey, Mr. Mark Fields, former General Manager of SOL PETROLEUM BERMUDA LIMITED, is taking some time to relax and reflect on the blessings life has sent his way.

Mark’s relationship with Sol began after his thirteen-year stint working with ExxonMobil. During this time, his quest to learn the Caribbean fuels/energy industry inside out evolved into a very successful and progressive career journey. While working with ExxonMobil, Mark noted, his career highlights included three years as Esso Bermuda’s Operations/Terminal Manager followed by a promotion to Lead Country Manger for 11 years. Reflecting on his tenure, Mark frankly noted that his ascension through the ranks to the Sol Bermuda GM position was a natural progression.

“I began my career with ExxonMobil in 2000 as Terminal Manager, which I thought to be my final career step. However, I was promoted to Lead Country Manager three years later to run the entire Fuels Marketing business, and was designated the GM under the Sol business model in January 2014, following Sol’s purchase of ExxonMobil’s Western Caribbean businesses,” Mark commented. 

To many of his staff, Mark’s continual growth is no surprise. Over the years, he developed an “inclusive, results-driven and team-oriented” leadership style. His strategic thinking and discipline—including routine 4.00 a.m. emails—solidified Mark’s reputation as a methodological, results-driven manager.

Whether in safety regulations, flawless service, or his vast understanding of the evolving, contemporary energy sector, his pursuit of excellence was especially valuable during ExxonMobil’s transition to Sol. The now retired GM expressed, quite matter-of-factly, that leading the Bermuda team into a seamless transition to Sol was one of his proudest moments in his entire career. 

 “I’m happy to say that we were successful. In the first year of operation under Sol, there were sustained safety results, consistent delivery of the stewardship results and no reportable accidents. I am definitely going to miss working with the Bermuda and Head Office team in Barbados to enhance the growth opportunities of Sol...and of course, sending 4.00 a.m. emails,” he said, chuckling.

Speaking about the differences in the company since the transition, the former GM is proud of Sol’s strides in the energy business. He noted that the company’s successful acquisition of ExxonMobil’s assets in the western Caribbean territories brought further opportunities to these countries, and “strengthened Sol’s capacity to be a major player on the international stage.”

Reflecting on his decision to pursue a career in the energy sector, Mark noted his interest was sparked during his college years. He entered the automotive industry in 1984, working as an administrative assistant in the automotive division of a respected company. He was then promoted to the role of service manager in 1986. This trend of climbing the ranks continued; in 1987 he was appointed Maintenance Manager/Engineering Technician of Bermuda’s Department of Public Transportation.

The insight he gained from his experience in both the public and private sector automotive business became a key asset when he transitioned into the Caribbean fuels industry thirteen years later. This experience—combined with continued studies, international training and professional memberships in key areas of the industry—allowed Mark to develop a “holistic” understanding of the energy business.

The former General Manager added, “My mentors have been invaluable throughout my career. I’ve been blessed to learn from a series of brilliant individuals since I started working in this industry, and even before then.”

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